Friday, June 27, 2014

The Pod People Are Coming

My parents arrive from Mayberry later this afternoon and we are excited about their visit, as we usually are.

The purpose of the trip is to watch the Cub play baseball tomorrow. When my parents originally made their plans to visit us, the schedule indicated that we would play a double-header in a nearby town, that has since changed to our team playing in a tournament in Hooterville, which, means less travel time and the possibility of more than two games for my parents to watch. I think that's a win, all the way around.

While the Pods are here, we will also do the usual stuff that the children have come to expect from their grandparents' visits, namely; we will have a huge breakfast at the Denny's. My children may be suckers for tradition, but at least they are cheap dates.

They are also ridiculously excited to see their Pop-Pop and Nana, in case I didn't mention that, already.

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