Monday, June 08, 2015

Football Camp Broke My Son

The Man-Cub attended a three-day training camp at a university in a nearby town last week. When he got home on Saturday, he was tired, sore, and cranky.

Tired and sore are normal for the Cub, cranky? Not so much. So, it came as no surprise when he slept in yesterday.

It was also not surprising that, once he did get up, he fell back to sleep on the floor in the living room; mid-morning naps are probably pretty normal for teenage boys who have thrown themselves around a football field for three days.

It was kind of surprising when he roused himself from his slumber just long enough to make the trip up the stairs to his bedroom later in the afternoon, just to fall back into a deep sleep.

He got up again, briefly, to shower and eat dinner. Then, he went right back to bed and slept through the night.

This morning, I had an unusually hard time getting him up to go to the school for weight training, but, to his credit, he managed to make it out the door once I reminded him that he could always come home and take a nap.

I know teenagers sleep a lot, but, I am pretty sure that football camp broke my son. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, because basketball camp starts next week.

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