Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Fun Stuff


While The Girls and I were shopping at the Coach outlet this past weekend, this bag jumped out and threw itself into my arms like a long lost lover.

Ok, maybe it didn't go down quite like that, but, still; love, love, love this bag. I love the color, I love the shape, I love that it has enough room in the center compartment to hold all of my larger items as well as several smaller pockets for my small stuff, I love that my cell phone slips into an outside pocket, making it easily accessible, and I love that the bag is an easy-to-clean and durable Coach canvas. I also love the small details that Coach puts into its' bags, including the vanity tags.


I picked up this book in the Phoenix airport to read on my return flight. I could not put it down, and, finished it in a day and a half. Like all of Elin Hilderbrand's books, it is entertaining and engaging. It would be the perfect book for reading poolside, but, I don't have a pool, so I take my entertainment where I can get it.


The weather was nice enough this week to wear skirts, capris, and sandals (right up until this morning, that is, when it turned cold and rainy, with a good chance of snow, grrrr), and I took full advantage of the opportunity to wear these sandals. Not only are they adorable and comfortable, but, they looked really good with my Phoenix pedicure.


Speaking of my Phoenix pedi, after resisting the allure of blue and/or green nail polish for forty-some years, I am now a convert. It doesn't look like fungus at all (yes, that really was my hang-up)!


Did I mention that I got to spend some quality time with my daughter, yesterday? I did? Oh, well; it bears repeating. I got to spend some time with my baby girl, yesterday.


The new Jungle Book movie hits theaters today. I am hoping that the Man-Cub will humor me with a movie date sometime soon. He's at that age where he's not really interested in being seen at a movie theater with his mother, but, I have my means of persuasion;  I plan to bribe him with Milk Duds and Junior Mints.

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