Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Tattered Rabbit

This morning, I got up at 4:30 to get the Man-Cub out the door for today's double-header. The games are being played in a town about five hours away, and, with Hugh out of town at another wresting tournament, I wasn't up to the solo drive.

Instead, I sent the Cub off with a cooler full of Gatorblox and power bars, and took myself back to bed. I'm kind of selfish like that.

Once I was up, a bit later in the morning, I went to another antique market, this one located right down the road from my house, which, made it quite convenient. I met Kortni and her cousin, Jorie, there, and we each found a few treasures that we couldn't live without. I also met the woman who owns the house and barn that the sale was held in; the house was built in 1906 and, prior to this woman and her husband purchasing it, had fallen into utter disrepair. The couple has spent the last couple of years slowly repairing and restoring the house, the barn, and the gardens, making them showcase worthy, and, in the case of the yard, totally drool-worthy. Fact: I changed the route that I take on my walks just for the opportunity to cruise by this house for porch and garden ideas; I'm like a stalker only less creepy. I hope.

Anyway, there were a lot of really cute things at the sale, and, while I only made one purchase, I left with a lot of ideas for repurposed items as well as with a new friend, a new friend with a very creative knack for junking.

That's a great day, right there.

I totally covet this rustic wet bar and can totally envision it, or something similar, on my porch. I believe it was crafted from shipping pallets, a vintage window, and an old farmhouse sink, which means that I will be looking for similar items at every junk show I attend from here on out. Hugh could totally make this, right?

Later today, once it warms up a bit, I am planning to finish cleaning my porch (I started yesterday); the item I purchased at the Tattered Rabbit will go quite nicely there and I am excited to introduce it to it's new home.

Pictures to follow!

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