Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Treasure from The Tattered Rabbit

I had an oiy vey kind of day, yesterday. That's a German phrase that my grandma Molly used to use on occasion, and, while I'm not certain of the exact translation, it's always seemed to fit these kinds of days quite well.

Because my day was so oiy veyish, I didn't get a chance to post photos of the awesome antique trunk that I picked up at The Tattered Rabbit sale over the weekend. I'm going to remedy that today.

It's on wheels! And, it makes a most awesome coffee table for the porch. In hindsight, I should have staged these photos better, maybe thrown in a platter of grapes, a bottle of wine, and a cheese plate, but, see above: oiy vey.

Anyway, the porch looks better than ever with the addition of this vintage steamer trunk and I now have a much larger surface for all that wine and cheese.

Bring on Porch Night!

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