Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A Day Late and a Familiar Short

I spent the better part of the day swapping my Thanksgiving decorations for my Halloween decorations. By the time I was done, the sun had set, my feet hurt, I was starving, and, I was thoroughly ready to put Halloween in the rear view, which, is when I happened upon this...

...clearly, someone didn't get the memo.

Sorry, spooky black kitty! The candy is gone, the witches have relocated their coven to parts unknown, and, as you can see, I already have two cats; I certainly don't need a third (even if you are kind of adorable and would make a kick-ass prop for next Halloween). Move on down the road, Sable (What? That would be an awesome name for a black cat!), move on down the road.

(But, please come back next year; that would totally freak my husband out)

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