Monday, November 14, 2016

Girl's Day Out

Saturday morning, I met BCPE at the high school to go over the upcoming basketball schedule with the coach; we needed to get prepared to assign team dinner hosts, which we will do at tonight's winter sports meeting.

We had also planned to spend the afternoon working on some projects for the football banquet that will take place on Wednesday night and figured that we may as well get all of our obligations done in one day.

Then, since we are not actually gluttons for punishment (contrary to popular belief), we spent a couple of hours browsing at a crafts fair in Hooterville. The fair was a blast, not only did we get to sample a ton of locally made goodies, but, we got to meet the winner of the Food Network's Cake Wars, who happens to be from Pixler. Mom and I had watched the episode in which she won and so I immediately began to fan-girl all over her like she was an actual celebrity or something; she took it really graciously.

After sampling her salted caramel cupcakes, BCPE and I meandered around the rest of the booths...

... before heading out for lunch at one of my favorite micro-breweries. The we headed back to her house to start our projects, which, we finished in a marathon session that required several cups of strongly brewed tea (her) and a large bottle of Diet Pepsi (me, but, I've been really good about not drinking a lot of soda lately, I swear). I was ready for a good night's sleep by the time I got home, but, we can say that we are prepared for the banquet.

And, I can say that I had a really enjoyable day with a friend. I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday.

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