Monday, November 21, 2016

Did Anyone Get the Number of That Truck?

You know, the one that ran over me, backed up, ran over me again, and then sideswiped me for good measure? No? Me neither, I was flat on my back with skid marks all over my psyche.

Seriously. The weekend kicked my ass. I don't know what is wrong with me, I used to be able to hang with the best of them and now, all it takes to send me scrambling for the ibuprofen is a couple of trips up and down the attic ladder; I may need a medical intervention.

On the bright side, my very busy weekend resulted in a fully decorated porch and a house that is 99% decked for the season (Christmas tree goes up tonight, finishing off the chore). I also had an enjoyable Girl's Night, complete with wine, cheese, and a good movie, I helped organize a photo shoot for the senior basketball boys, and I contributed a crockpot full of chili for the basketball team fundraiser at Saturday's scrimmages, which, I also attended while running back and forth to the hardware store to get my work done.

Huh. No wonder I feel like road kill.

Anyway, about those scrimmages; the boys did great! They played like, well, like a team! I honestly believe that this will be the boys' year to win, and, I don't mean just a few games (although, even one win would be a 100% improvement over the varsity record for the past three years). These boys could be contenders!

Today, I am using some of my PTO to relax and practice breathing out of my nose instead of through my mouth because, I somewhere along the line, I also caught a cold. Because, of course I did! Or, maybe this is just another consequence of getting hit by that truck.

I'm not ruling it out.

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