Thursday, November 24, 2016

And This is Why I'm Thankful For That Guy Who Created Facetime

Thanksgiving without the Queen has been odd; several times today, I thought of something that she would get a kick out of so I would get up to go and tell her, just to remember that, oh yes, she's not actually here.

Thankfully (that is the theme of the day), she must have sensed my distress long-distance, and, during dinner, she conspired with the Cub to join us in whatever way possible.

And, while we did inadvertently sit her down on the kitchen table for a short period of time when the connection got a little wonky, it wasn't because we don't love her and weren't absolutely thrilled to have her join us at the Thanksgiving table, because, we certainly do and we totally were.

Modern technology really is a wonderful thing.

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