Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Favorites: Things That Brought a Tear to My Eye

I know, you just read the title of the post and thought to yourself "What doesn't bring a tear to her eye, lately? Sheesh!" and, you have a point; I'll own that.

Anyway, earlier today, I attended the Veterans Day assembly held at the high school. I was at the school anyway, for meetings with clients as well as to drop off the cookies that I bought at the store, because I am too lazy to bake baked for the reception following the assembly (my ASTRA club has been hosting the reception as part of our community service since we chartered in 2010), so, I decided to listen in on the assembly.

I am so glad I did. The keynote speaker was a WWII vet who had graduated from Petticoat Junction High in 1939. He began his speech by telling the students that Veterans Day, previously known as Armistice Day, was a day for him to honor his fellow vets as well as a day to celebrate his own birth; today, he turned 92. He went on to regale the kids with stories of the high school back in the day, as well as stories about his service in Germany and France. His stories highlighted the many sacrifices that vets made-and continue to make-for our country, and he impressed upon them the importance of supporting current military personnel.

When he wrapped up his speech, some forty minutes or so later (he is, as he reminded us, 92; his train of thought was bound to jump the track sometimes), the kids spontaneously burst into a round of Happy Birthday, singing with all their hearts.

So, yes, I cried a little. Sue me.

I also teared up when the school band launched into the Armed Services Medley and the veterans in the audience stood as the song representing their branch of service played. I may also have leaked a little when Taps was played and then again as the colors were retired following the ceremonies.

I've gone soft.

On the other hand, given the current emotional climate in our country, a little softness won't hurt anyone.

Thank you, veterans! Thank you for your service.

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