Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ok, So We Still Aren't Sure We're Doing It Right

21 years ago, today, Hugh and I became parents. We were 26 and 27, respectively, and, barely had a dollar between us with which to buy a clue about parenting; needless to say, we winged it.

Our "practice baby", the one we made all of our initial parenting mistakes on, turned out pretty ok; she's in her third year of college, holds down a job, manages to pay her rent on time (as her landlords, we are most pleased), and keeps her extracurricular activities under the radar of law enforcement.

Can't ask for much more than that.

Yesterday, she came down to spend the night with us so that she could visit our local DMV this morning to renew her driver's license; she's now the proud owner of identification that will allow her to legally purchase alcohol, which, means it's probably time for her to pass down her fake ID (of course she has one, are you kidding?). It also means that it's time for her to take on all of the adult responsibilities that a person of her age is requited to take on, including, holding down a job and paying her bills on time...


I guess we really did do something right.

Happy birthday, Queen B! You are the apple of our eyes and we could not be more proud of you!

PS: Party responsibly!

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