Monday, February 27, 2017

Shit Just Got Real

Earlier this evening, the Man-Cub and I sat in on a webinar conducted by the housing department of HPU, after which I went online to formally accept the Cub's financial aid package and to make his enrollment deposit.

There is no going back, now.

Well, technically there is, but, I don't see the Cub going in that direction; he's super stoked about his future. Granted, he would be ever so slightly more stoked had I agreed to the super luxe (and much more expensive) waterfront loft option for housing rather than the super lame dorm room circa 1967option, but, Mama's on a budget.

Mama's also perpetually on the verge of tears, but, we can always blame hormones for that; they're totally used to being the scapegoat for sudden waterworks.

Soooo, August 21st, is move-in day, folks.

I guess I better get started planning all the care packages that I will need to send. And, you know, stocking up on Kleenex.

Damn hormones.

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