Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Favorites, First Edition of Summer 2020

Ok, so, technically, summer doesn't start until Sunday; I'm jumping the gun just a wee bit. Sue me if you must.

That being said, Summer 2020  is going to be a horse of a different color, amiright? I'm right. No concerts. No festivals. No large group events (unless you are protesting, protesting the protesting, or rioting, in which case, have at it, because apparently the 'Rona peaces out on those gatherings). In short; Summer 2020 equals no fun. Unless we are super-intentional about it, that is, which, is what I intend to be.

And, I'm doing it as a blonder blond. Because, why the hell not? Blondes have more fun (or, so we've been told).

Currently, I am enjoying having Mom here, but, I suppose that goes without saying. I mean, who wouldn't love coming home from a hard day's work to a fully prepared meal and a nightly foot rub?

As the picture above would indicate, we've spent a good deal of our time together on the porch, and, my latest floral acquisitions are favorites, for sure.

My roses have entered their first bloom of the summer and they are large, colorful, fragrant, and lovely. As always, the Marilyn Monroe roses are the showiest, and I have been cutting them frequently.

I completely forgot to post pictures of my peonies this year, and, while they are now past their bloom, they were still a summer favorite, so they still bear mentioning.

Queen B bought matching bandannas for Boomer and herself, and I love them to bits and pieces. I also love how much Boomer loves Queen B. Every week, Hugh takes him to Neighboring City with him (we service yard equipment for one of the big box stores, and, Hugh does pick-up and delivery each week), and, while Hugh goes about his business, Boomer hangs out with Queen B. Without fail, Boomer shows the utmost reluctance to leave his "sister". It's really quite adorable.

Speaking of Boomer Dog, I recently purchased a mug that declares our undying love for one another...

I liked the mug so much, I purchased one for each of the kids as well as one each for Hugh and Oscar (but, those are a secret; they are intended as gifts for Father's Day). We all have great love for both our fur babies and coffee, so this was a win-win.

And, that's about it for this scintillating edition of Friday Favorites. Tune in tomorrow, when I post about the sure-to-be-amazing Mexican fiesta that we are hosting tonight, because, like I said earlier in this post; I am determined to create our own fun this summer.

That starts tonight.

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