Monday, May 17, 2021

Horror-Mone Update For May

I have been using bioidentical hormone creams for about six weeks now, and, feel like I've seen enough improvement to do a little update.

When I first started the creams, I was prescribed low doses of both estrogen and progesterone. At my first follow-up visit, the doctor additionally prescribed a very low dosage of testosterone as well as two supplements: DHEA and Pregnenolone, both of which are naturally produced in the adrenal glands. My test results had indicated extreme adrenal fatigue, which is why the doctor thought the supplements might help.

I can't say if it is the hormone creams, the supplements, or a combination of both, but; I have experienced relief from some of my more bothersome perimenopause symptoms, including anxiety (big improvement here, and, thankfully so), insomnia (I still don't sleep through the night without waking, but, I am able to fall back to sleep faster, so nights have become more restful), hot flashes, and mood swings. 

I have also seen some improvement in my energy levels, which has made it easier to motivate myself to exercise and to eat better. I stopped consuming refined sugar, with the exception of dark chocolate, which, I eat in moderation. I still have a lot of pain in my joints and tendons (mainly in my feet), but the exercise is definitely helping.

I don't think I have lost any weight (I fear the scale, which is something I need to get over), but I have noticed that I feel less bloated. I have also noticed a slight improvement in the moisture level of my skin.

All of which is to say; I think the hormone therapy has been beneficial. There remains some risk, and, I have to balance the risk with the current improved quality of my life. And, that's where I am, currently.; slightly less sweaty, crazy, and sleep deprived.

I'll take it.

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