Saturday, May 08, 2021

Fly Away Home

The Man-Cub will start winging his way home later today, arriving just in time to be my favorite Mother's Day present. It's been a long semester for him and we are all looking forward to having him back on his home soil.

Speaking of things winging their way home, last night, while taking my walk around the park, I spied the large bird that had caught my attention during a walk earlier in the week. When I first saw the bird, I couldn't get close enough to identify the type, so I decided to throw my camera and longest lens into my car on the off-chance that I encountered the bird in subsequent walks at the park, and, last night I got lucky and was able to take clear enough pictures to identify it (and it's mate!) as a Great Blue Heron.

The birds are apparently nesting somewhere in the vicinity of the park. I don't know a single thing about the migratory habits of the Great Blue Heron so I have no idea how long these two will hang around, but, I hope I get to see them flying above the park for at least a while yet.

As an aside, I have totally become what I once mocked; that crazy old woman who keeps binoculars and a field guide in her car for the off-moment when she spies a rare and intriguing species. 

Ha! Just kidding!

(I don't need a field guide; I have Google. And my Mother)

Anyhoodle, the birds are gorgeous and majestic and my baby boy is coming home. Life is good!

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  1. I'm in upstate NY. Several years ago we had a koi pond in the back yard. Herons LOVED to stop by and try sniping the fish. They got a few, but we had enough lilies to provide cover, and plenty of deeper water for the fish to swim to.

    Anyhow. Early one December we got a wee bit of snow, enough to cover the grass (no surprise around here). I went out to check the pond pump and noticed a set of heron tracks in the snow, apparently hoping for a little sushi snack. I'm sure that bird was getting ready to head south as there is rarely open water for them much past December. So there you go - upstate NY in December an herons still hanging around.