Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Three:
Thirteen Favorite Shades of OPI

Because I have nothing better to offer, I give you some of my favorite colors from my collection of roughly fifty-seven shades of OPI nail polish.

1. I’m Not Really a Waitress
2. Bogotá Blackberry
3. God Save the Queen’s Nails
4. Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie
5. Royal Flush Blush
6. A Rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon
7. Mauving to Manitoba
8. Nice Color, Eh?
9. A Rose to the Ovation
10. I Don’t Do Dishes
11. Jewel of India
12. To Eros is Human
13. Howdy, Honey!

I really do use most of my nail polish although, not on my fingernails. The only thing I polish them with is OPI Nail Envy, which is a nail strengthener. When I use color on my fingernails, they tend to break so, I stick with color on my toenails, which goes a long way in explaining why I own a bazillion pair of summer sandals.

I like to practice excess in all my addictions.

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  1. Those are funny color names..Those are better than the names on crayons

  2. I love the "I don't do dishes." I wonder what color that is!

  3. I like pale pink for nail polish... especially for my toes. I don't really like any color polish on my fingernails.

    A cute idea for a list!

  4. I absolutely LOVE "I'm Not Really a Waitress"!

  5. Addiction = excess. You go girl!

    Being a guy, I don't use nail polish, but my wife and two daughters use it by the gallon. We live in Florida where flip-flops are worn year 'round.

  6. Good list..
    The names were neat.
    I loved I don't do dishes..tee hee
    good idea for a list
    My TT is posted