Friday, January 26, 2007

I May Need a Restraining Order Against My Old Boyfriend

Lo, the weekend cometh! I am very happy about this as I am tired and cranky and in need of some rest and relaxation. Since Hugh is officiating at a wrestling tournament in a neighboring town tonight, I will kick of my R&R by ordering pizza. I might get really crazy and have it delivered.

After we do the dinner dishes (paper plates!), I am going to toss a box of unopened Leggos on the floor to distract the Man-Cub. Then, I plan to station The Girl at the computer with a $15 iTunes gift card and let her surf her way to some new downloads while I luxuriate in a hot bath.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that the children are no longer babies? Or, toddlers? Or pre-schoolers? Oh, but I am!

Remind me of that the next time one of them does something horribly grown up and independent and I get all teary-eyed and pathetic with the “Where have my babies gone???!” while rending my garments, please.

Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in. Then, I will take the kids to see a matinee showing of Arthur and the Invisibles. I’m hoping it doesn’t suck but, even if it does, I will be sitting on my ass eating Twizzlers and popcorn so, I’m a winner either way.

Sunday, I plan to shovel another five inches of snow off the deck, out of the drive-way and off the sidewalks. That’s right! We are expecting another snowstorm. Apparently, Winter refuses to believe that I was serious about breaking up. Or, he thinks that, if he hangs around long enough, we will be having the break-up sex to which, I say, “Nay, Winter. Pack up your cold front and move along.”

Even my dog is tired of you and, he just met you this year.

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