Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Four:
Thirteen Random Things

1. The Girl had an upsetting encounter with her school’s resident Mean Girls. She came through it beautifully and, I would elaborate but it really deserves its own post.

2. One of the Man-Cub’s top front teeth finally poked through yesterday after several weeks of uncomfortable “teething”. You are probably thinking that eight year olds don’t teeth. They do, however, if they knock all four top teeth out at the tender age of four, giving their gums a solid four years in which to toughen up prior to the appearance of the adult teeth. I’m not really looking forward to the discomfort the poor kid will feel as the remaining three teeth make their way in.

3. Also, seeing the kid with a giant horse tooth in the place where a precious gap existed for four years is going to take some getting used to for all of us.

4. Well, for me anyway.

5. I am better at puppy training than I ever thought possible. My carpets thank me for it.

6. It is supposed to snow here again this weekend and I am sick to death of snow. A nice vacation on a tropical island would be fabulous.

7. There is no tropical vacation in my future, unfortunately.

8. Both kids have signed up to participate in Jump Rope for Heart so, whenever people see us coming with the donation envelops, they run and hide.

9. I totally don’t blame them.

10. I have already broken my New Year’s Resolution about not buying stupid stuff.

11. In my defense, the stupid things I bought were on clearance for 75% off.

12. So, they were only 25% stupid.

13. My other resolutions are going swimmingly. However, today is a co-workers birthday and the boss brought in a box of donuts to celebrate. If, in that box, there resides a pink frosted donut; all bets are off.

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  1. I am sorry that your children are having a rough time.
    Enjoy your puppy.
    Have a wonderful Thursday
    My TT is posted

  2. Good luck with the pink doughnut. Blueberry cake are my downfall. Sorry about the teeth and the mean girl. Hope all works out. Have a great Thursday:)

  3. You can send some of the snow our way -- it is not winter in New England without it. We are waiting less and less patiently for it! Thanks for visiting my T13 :)

  4. A vacation to a tropical island sounds wonderful!!

    I don't blame you for buying things on sale for 75% off... sales are difficult to pass by.

    Thanks for visiting earlier! Have a great Thursday!!

  5. Hey, what exercise program did you say you were doing? I looked through my comments but couldn't find it.

  6. "They were only 25% stupid."

    I love it! That's a classic!!!!

    happy TT!

  7. Good for your kidlet!
    Mine are up!

  8. Pink frosted donuts are exempt from empty calories, didn't you know?

  9. Ah, Slim in 6! I thought it was a Beachbody program. I did my Core workout last night, I like working out on the ball. Is the slim in 6 hard? I'm horrible, if it's too hard, I quit. ha

  10. All right, I'll look around on e-bay and see if I can find it. :p

  11. Mean girls suck. Kids can be so mean. I have one son who has had more than his fair share of bullying. I hope it all works out.