Monday, January 08, 2007

It Could Be PMS

Here I am back at work after an eventful two-week vacation. I should report that, the office did not implode under the weight of my absence nor does the staff appear to have suffered undue stress which, way to make a gal feel needed, people.


Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive. After all, I arrived at the office just moments after dropping the kids off at the daycare (school starts tomorrow) where, instead of the wailing, gnashing of teeth and pleading cries of “But we want to be with youuu!” that I had fully expected from the Fruit of my Loins, I instead got a casual “See ya!” and a “Later, Mom!” as they bolted out of the car and through the daycare gate.

I would give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were hurting, you know, on the inside, where it not for the fact that the car was still in motion when they made their escape.

Luckily for my pride, the puppy more than made up for the children’s lack of remorse at our parting by whining and howling like he’d just lost his mother the minute left him. He will be getting a nice tasty treat this evening.

The children will be getting brussel sprouts and tuna casserole.

At a mere eight weeks old, the dog obviously knows how to work the system.

This totally shakes my confidence in the intelligence of my offspring.

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  1. Hey, can I be nosy? Why is your diaryland diary locked?