Monday, January 01, 2007

Saying Hello To 2007

Laughter heralded the New Year in our household. We invited a few friends over for appetizers and board games on New Year’s Eve and the kids had us all rolling when they presented an impromptu magic show from a Gross Magic kit the Man-Cub received as a Christmas gift from his Aunt Jules. His ability to make an eyeball disappear amused us thoroughly; kid could have a future in show biz.

Not long before midnight, we started playing a game of CSI and had just about managed to solve the crime when it was time to break out the noisemakers, sparklers and confetti poppers. Playing a game reminded me of New Year’s eves when I was a kid; my younger sister and I would play strip Monopoly and then dare each other to run down the block in our undies while my parents attended New Year’s Eve parties at the local Elk’s club. Since no one got naked last night I think it is safe to say that my New Year's revelry has become quite tame. You know, compared to my wild youth.

The first day of this New Year was fun as well. Hugh, the kids and I loaded the truck with inflatable tubes and tobagans and then threw Rowdie in the truck for good measure. We headed to the hills to participate in a long held tradition of sledding in the new year. It was quite cold but the snow was good so we set up the camp heater, downed some hot cocoa and spent the next couple of hours sledding. By the time we got home, we were all pretty tired and, since I have to put away all of my holiday decorations tomorrow (which does NOT make my list of favorite holiday activities, I assure you), I think I will call it an early night.

However, not before I share my resolutions for 2007!

I resolve to continue with a healthy diet and exercise program (which I started again today, the gluttony, it endeth, amen!).

I resolve to spend less money on stupid things in 2007.

I resolve to keep my home office and my work office organized and tidy.

I resolve to have more fun with my family.

I resolve to downsize the clutter in my closets, attics, cabinets and garage.

Luckily, none of these things is terribly difficult so, I should have no problem. Well, maybe with number two but you know baby steps.

Speaking of babies…….


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