Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As of 8:00 this morning, The Girl is an almost 100% officially registered Middle Schooler (Look! I totally just made up a word! Go, me!). We still have to write a check for her PE uniform and various other fees ($50! Who says public education is free?!) but, she is all set, otherwise.

She seems fairly excited about the prospect of starting the sixth grade although, as one would expect; she has her anxieties. For starters, she is concerned about adjusting to a schedule that no longer includes recess.

Yes, I know; cry me a river, sister.

On the other hand, I have to empathize with both her Fear of Not Being Able to Find Her Assigned Locker and Fear of Not Being Able to Open Said Locker, since I still have that bad dream on occasion.

What? You don’t? Liar.

Anyway, Hugh has done his best to allay those particular fears by providing The Girl with a combination lock on which to practice at home and, in the latest timed test, she opened it in less than seven seconds so; I think she’ll be just fine.

On a totally unrelated note, the senior volunteer on duty today at Place of My Employment just came into my office for the sole purpose of telling me how badly constipated she was this morning. It hurt and everything. But, it’s ok; she took something for it and now she’s all….

Oops! She has to run! That stuff is kicking in!

Ten bucks says that conversation features heavily in my next recurring nightmare.

*The combination to my nightmare gym locker, not my measurements. Although, I wish.


  1. Oh, I totally have the can't find the locker nightmare. Also the can't find the classroom nightmare.

  2. As much as I hated jr. high, I am making mine go this year. She is really worried about it; going from a class of 7 to superintendant only knows how many. May they both fair well!

  3. NO recess? That is so sad! We had one recess in 6th grade (went from 2 recesses down to 1 in Fifth grade, and kept 1 thru 8th grade).

  4. heh, i still have the locker nightmare, opening it not finding it. Its now a nightmare for setting alarms and such.