Friday, August 24, 2007

There Are Starving Children in China

Despite my numerous pleas for him to clean his plate last night; the Man-Cub’s peas remained untouched. When I gently (or, as Hugh would have you believe-in the harpiest way that a harpy ever harped) reminded him that he used to love peas; he agreed. But, he informed me, that that was “back in the day”.

Yes, back in the day. You know, before he became the world’s most absurdly small adult ever to attend the third grade.

Right. Nevertheless, I reminded him that, on this day, as his parent, it was my responsibility to see to it that he got his daily nutritional requirements and, if that meant that he needed to eat his green veggies then, by god he would eat his green veggies. And, furthermore, since I will be his parent for the rest of his days, he could just go ahead and plan on me gently (in the harpiest way that a harpy ever harped) reminding him to eat his veggies until the day they drag my emaciated corpse out of his spare bedroom.

He rolled his eyes but, he ate his peas and; I'm sure there is a small part of him that is impressed with the dedication that I am willing to show to my parental responsibilities. I hope his wife feels the same way.

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  1. You are such a good mother. My kids are veggie deprived.