Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well, That Was Anti-Climactic

The Girl and I dropped the Man-Cub off at the elementary school first this morning. We walked him to his classroom, met his teacher, waited while he stowed his belongings at his assigned desk and then kissed him goodbye on the playground. His farewell to us was typical; “Seez ya, bye!” and, he was off to wreak havoc on the monkey bars with the rest of the third-grade boys.

At the Middle School (once again, a little vomit at the back of my throat; not pleasant), The Girl and I entered the building where we were greeted by a throng of students, none of whom appeared terribly nervous. Unfortunately, they didn’t appear terribly knowledgeable about the first day procedures, either so; I volunteered to seek out some assistance. Before I did, a boy belonging to some of our family friends approached The Girl and asked to see her class schedule and, being an entire year older than her; proceeded to fill her in on her new teachers while I staked out my place in the line forming at the information desk.

When I got back to The Girl, after having been instructed to take her to the first class listed on her schedule, she was talking to an older girl who I recognized from one of the various cheerleading camps that The Girl has attended over the years. The older girl had been dropping her younger brother off at the school before heading to the High School for the first day of her Senior year. She assured The Girl that it was perfectly normal to be a little nervous and admitted that she was, too. Then, she offered to walk The Girl to her classroom, you know, if The Girl and I wanted her to. I left the decision up to The Girl and…

….let’s see…arrive at her new classroom with her mother or…. with a high school cheerleader….hmmm......whatever would she decide?


So, I accepted defeat gracefully and asked her if she wanted a kiss or if I should just walk away. She thought about it, momentarily, and compromised by asking for a hug. So, we hugged it out and the last I saw of her, she was cruising down the hallway with the senior cheerleader as the son of our family friends trailed enviously in their wake.

I think she’s going to be ok.

And, I didn’t throw up.


  1. How cool is your girl!

  2. Your kids are adorable! Sounds like they had a good day. I'm still getting used to A being in school; J starts preschool on Monday. :)