Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Run Forrest, Ruuuun!

A few weeks ago, we signed The Man-Cub up for football camp; tonight is the first practice. My emotions on the topic are mixed, on the one hand, the Cub desperately wants to play football and I want to be the kind of parent who supports her child’s dreams and ambitions. On the other hand, he weighs like forty pounds and is, if past experience is any indication, highly breakable.

To compromise, I will support his wish to play if he supports my wish that he run, very fast and, in the opposite direction, every time the ball comes within two feet of him. What?! He’ll still be playing. Technically.

Besides, isn’t it all about the uniform, anyway?

My Dad just sprained his eyeballs, he rolled them so hard.


  1. I always hope and pray that if I have a child one day, it'll be a girl who likes very safe things. I don't think I could deal with the idea of a child of mine being tackled on a regular basis.

    (I would turn any son into a sissy, and I'd hate to be responsible for that!)

    Here's wishing for an injury-free Man Cub!

  2. I am oh so hoping that my boy doesn't want to play football again this year. He was the smallest kid out there last year and frankly, he hasn't gained an ounce or an inch since then.