Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Knew It

A few of you have admitted to having the dream about not being able to open your school locker or something similar; I knew I wasn’t alone.

For the record, Hugh denies ever having had such a dream. He also claims to have never dreamed that he was flying or falling from a high building; two dreams that I have on occasion. In the flying dream; I am soaring over my childhood elementary school so, apparently; my education was the stuff of which nightmares are made.

Further proving that point, during times of great stress; I sometimes dream that I am in a college classroom, taking a final exam after having ditched the entire semester of class. I have, according to my husband; weird dreams.

Also, sometimes I lift my left arm in the air, stroke it with my right hand, sigh and repeat with the right arm, all while in a deep sleep. This is way more embarrassing to admit than having a few wack dreams.

On the other hand, I have never been heard singing Bad, Bad Leroy Brown in my sleep, unlike some people who will remain nameless.



  1. The "taking an exam after never attending the class" dream is not WEIRD, it's CLASSIC. Hey, do you have the one where your flight is leaving soon and you haven't packed yet, and things keep thwarting you while you're trying to pack and OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST TIME TO WALK OUT THE DOOR AND I HAVE NOTHING PACKED!!! ?

  2. I wishI did something cool in my sleep like sing or raise my hands :)

    I do have bizarro dreams. I have the dream of being chased a lot and the dream where my whole family dies in some tragic accident leaving me alone. Those are my most common :)

  3. I dream about college classes too. I generally show up with no books and no idea what's going on. The dream I really hate though is when my teeth are falling apart. That sucks!