Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting the Return of My Children

One can only do so much running around the house naked and watching inappropriate television while eating Little Debbie snack cakes on the furniture after all.

Plus, my offspring are currently in the care of Older Sister who, lets face it, does not have the best safety track record, as evidenced by the numerous injuries suffered by The Princess and The Rebel Without a Pause. I’m crossing my fingers and praying, is what I’m saying.

When (if) the children do make it home safely (not that I'm paranoid or anything except, ok, fine; I am! Are you happy now?), there are only eighteen days of freedom remaining before school starts again. I cannot speak for the children but, I’m certainly not ready to adhere to a school schedule again; I rather enjoy the nights we stay up late watching movies as well as the mornings minus the got-to-get-to-school-on-time rush.

Plus, the start of school means shopping for school supplies and for new school-clothes and, frankly; I’m not in a shopping mood, lately.

Pick your jaw up off the floor Hugh.

Although, we did have a brand new department store open here this past weekend and I heard that it includes a Sephora which, come to think of it, would make school-clothes shopping totally worth doing. In fact, I might have to start before the children even get home.

Which, have I mentioned; cannot happen soon enough?


  1. what, just little debbie cakes naked? No ice cream or fritos?

  2. A Sephora, close by? I am SOOOO jealous!

  3. I would NEVER have suspected that there was a limit to Little Debbie snack cakes. This is appalling news.