Friday, August 03, 2007

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

After reading my last few posts, Hugh felt compelled to remind me that the Man-Cub’s visits to the emergency room for his first broken arm, last two episodes of stitches and the incident wherein he knocked out all four of his top front teeth all occurred on my watch, meaning that my safety record isn’t nearly as stellar as I would have you all believe. Also, I owe Older Sister an apology.

It totally sucks when he is right. Thank God it doesn’t happen that often.

Kidding, darling.

So, have I mentioned that my kids are coming home today? No? Well, they are! They and my parents are making the trip later this afternoon. We are planning to attend our local corn festival tomorrow; a day of fun activities that start with a parade down Main Street and culminate in a concert at which LeAnn Rimes will be performing.

The Girl has been looking forward to this festival for several months; Hugh is working the security detail and she is practically a shoe-in to meet Ms. Rimes. The Man-Cub is looking forward to the plethora of large bounce-houses and face-painting booths that will be provided as well as to eating all the local sweet corn that his little heart desires while waiting in line to scale the climbing wall. Then, of course, there is the delight that he takes in watching the people competing in the ice-block sitting and pie-eating contests.

I’m totally excited about standing under the broiling sun watching him do all these things while sipping a small cup of lemonade that I had to pay $4 for.

Not that I’ll complain, of course.

In fact, I’m sure we’ll have a good time and, if we get bored, we can always head into town for some shopping; there is that new Sephora to explore, after all.

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  1. The festival sounds fun. I loved them as a child.