Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Bread of the Amish Will Not Defeat Me!

I did it, I managed to take the care and feeding of my Amish friendship bread starter to the desired ending; I baked it last night. And it was….ok. Not the fantastic wonder-bread that I was expecting given the massive amount of stress involved with the care and feeding of the starter, but; good enough for me to divide the batter into three bags to give to friends so that they, too can lose sleep at night, wondering if they remembered to squeeze the air out of the bag that day or if they forgot and will therefore wake to find that it has burst all over their new kitchen cabinets. You're welcome, friends!

In other news, it has been busy, busy, busy at Casa de Chelle. Friendship Bread babysitting, not withstanding; I have also been busy baking cakes and cupcakes for the Man-Cub’s birthday this weekend.

And, speaking of the Man-Cub; flag football started last night so we now have practice two nights a week and games every Monday and Wednesday night, starting October 1st. The Cub is really excited about football, hence his request to have a football themed birthday party, the planning for which has also kept me occupied.

Then, of course, there is my day job which has been stressing me out, not so much because of the work required of me but due to the knowledge that I will be giving notice in exactly four weeks. I’m not exactly looking forward to breaking the news to my boss as she is rather dependent upon me, but; I’m totally looking forward to the changes that will follow my resignation.

And, speaking of changes, the leaves are beginning to turn colors. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year and I’m looking forward to cooler weather and pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving and everything else that comes with the season.

Except for early snow, that is; snow can just stay the fuck away.

On a totally different subject, Hugh flew to Chicago this morning (and, boy, are his arms tired! Ba-dum-dum! Thankyouverymuch! I’ll be here all week!) so; it will just be me and the kids for a couple of days. I’m thinking of letting them do things that their father (and, possibly, Social Services) would frown upon, like eating nothing but Friendship Bread for dinner and watching re-runs of South Park. Then, we'll laugh about how last night's finale of Big Brother was just like that South Park episode where the town had to vote for either the Giant Douche or the Turd Sandwich because; the choice the BB jury had to make between the Donatos was just like that! And, omigawd, isn't that funny?

I'm kidding, of course. I mean, what kind of a parent do you think I am?

I'll totally make the kids eat a well-balanced and nutritious dinner.

Then, we'll watch South Park.


  1. See, that is where we differ; I would forget about South Park in lieu of not having to cook. That is unless you count cereal as a balanced and nutritous meal.

  2. Cereal is a balanced and nutritious meal, and I am sure the friendship bread is as well!!!

  3. I learned my amish friendship bread lesson a long time ago.

    A girl I work with got sucked into it and kept trying to pawn off bags of that starter on us, but we were wise to it and wouldn't take it.

    She found some recipe variations online for different things you can add to it to make it actually taste like something. She made a chocolate cinnamon loaf that was really good.

  4. When Larry's out of town or just out for the night my kids get McDonalds. Tonight is special though, we're going to Chick-fil-a to eat and play on the playground. Go me! Aren't you jealous of my mad parenting skills.