Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fourteen Years Ago Today

Happy anniversary, Hugh!

Our weekend away was a perfect analogy of our life together; there were hills to climb, occasions to coast, sunshine so bright it hurt our eyes and, of course, a few dark clouds. And, through it all; we had each other.

We spent Saturday driving to Glenwood Springs which usually takes about two and a half hours. Since we weren’t on a schedule, we took our time, stopping at Sam’s Club to stock up on bottled water and snack foods that we could take with us on the bike path. We also saw this :

Six foot tall animatronic skeleton pirate

The fact that Hugh fell in love with the idea of having it on our front porch for Halloween and thus immediately vowed to make it ours, is reason one hundred and ten that he is the perfect man for me.

Once we got to Glenwood Springs and got checked into the hotel, we jumped on our bikes and rode to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner and then on to a putt-putt golf course where our children proceeded to kick our asses in a mere eighteen holes. The Man-Cub got the first hole-in-one and did a showy little touch-down dance right there on the putting green. The Girl’s hole-in-one was accompanied by a scream so high in pitch; every dog within a three-mile radius quaked in fear. My own eardrums have not fully recovered and I’m not just saying that because I am a sore loser at the putt-putt.

Sunday morning, we got up quite early to have breakfast before catching the 8:30 shuttle to the trailhead at Dotsero. The sixteen mile ride took us through some beautiful country where we were treated to a view of the river, people rafting the rapids, a variety of small wildlife and a plethora of other bikers; people of all races, age and physical condition. Since I brought up the rear of our small entourage; my view was mostly of this:

Following our three hour ride (my butt is still a little saddle-sore); we refueled with lunch and then spent five hours soaking in the hot springs. Miraculously, Hugh and the children still had energy enough to run up the four flights of stairs to the water slides several times but I was exhausted and so spent my time on a chaise lounge.

Upon leaving the hot springs, we grabbed a quick shower and biked back to the putt-putt golf course for round two of parental humiliation at the hands of our children. Although, in all honesty; Hugh didn’t do too badly.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were starving, so we ordered pizza. The pizza had not even been delivered before the Man-Cub succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep. We were kind enough to wake him when the pizza did arrive but I noticed it didn’t take him two seconds to fall back to sleep once he had eaten his fill.

Since we were all fairly tired, we slept in on Monday before packing up and heading home.

It was, by all accounts, a totally great time and the children have already expressed an interest in doing the entire thing all over again next year.

I could see us doing that; it would be a nice way to celebrate our fifteenth year together.


  1. congrats!

    plus hubby has a great porn star stache

  2. We did get bike helmet pictures :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you two!