Friday, September 14, 2007

Fromage de parole!

Today is picture day at the middle school and The Girl spent a good deal of time in her closet this morning debating the merits of several outfits before settling on one that she felt was acceptable.

She was even more twitter-pated over how to do her hair and I was forced to share bathroom space with her which, considering the child has her own bathroom, should never happen. I guess I should be flattered that she wanted my opinion, though; even if she did hog my mirror and spray me in the eye with hairspray. My hairspray.

The two finalists for Hairstyle of the Year went to The Fountain, which is a lovely pony-tail positioned on top of the head with the hair cascading down in three directions; a hairstyle which The Girl heartily congratulated herself for having invented.

Although, 1985 would beg to differ.

Finalist number two, a nice side-swept pony-tail with long bangs, emerged victorious however so; 1985 decided to forego the pursuit of patent infringement.

Once the last hair was in place, The Girl skipped off to school, no doubt practicing her most photo-worthy smiles the entire way.

I joke, but in all honesty; she looked precious and, the chances of her having to hide her sixth grade school picture behind her second-grade school picture to avoid any embarrassment when future boyfriends browse through the family album are practically nil.

Not that I would know anything about that.

In other news, I am hosting a tea party this weekend. Jana and I decided that we better get in at least one more before the girls decree themselves too old for such nonsense and start wearing black lip liner and lobbying for tickets to heavy metal concerts.

Although, now that I think about it; a tea party with a Goth theme would totally kick ass.

Next year.

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  1. A goth themed tea party would rock!! I want to come to it!!

    I bet the girl looked adorable for her pics!