Friday, September 28, 2007

Things at Random

-While the Man-Cub practiced football last night, I ran a mile around the high school track. And, no, nothing was chasing me; I simply felt the urge to run. In the future, when I feel that urge, I will instead beat my legs with a baseball bat; swinging the bat will require less energy and the resulting soreness will pale in comparison to that which I am feeling today.

-Each of the children has a friend spending the night, tonight. This is not an infrequent occurrence in our home and I actually enjoy wrangling four children at a time. In fact, when Hugh and I were planning our family; I initially wanted four children. Hugh did not and, our finances at the time supported his position so, we stopped at two. Now, Hugh likes to point out that, had we actually had four children, we would most likely spend the majority of our time entertaining eight children, total. Even I must concede that that would be more than I could handle. Plus, I would have to get a mini-van which, no.

-While the kids enjoy the companionship of their friends, I will be in the kitchen; baking twelve dozen cookies for a bake-sale that we are having tomorrow to raise funds for a memorial scholarship in Brandon’s name.

-The chance of me not eating at least one dozen of those cookies is equal to that of me running a mile again anytime soon. That would be zero.

-I am craving bagels with cream-cheese. I do not know why. I am also craving pomegranates but refuse to pay almost three bucks for one fruit.

-It has been ten weeks since my last haircut. I tell everyone that I am growing it out but in reality, I have been too lazy to make an appointment for a cut. I’m pretty sure that’s how Cousin It was born.

-Speaking of Cousin It, I’m getting excited for Halloween. The kids already know what they want to be and I’m toying with the idea of making costumes for Hugh and myself-Gomez and Morticia Adams costumes, to be exact. I'll be Morticia, in case you were confused.

-Hugh already started planning his Halloween decorations for the front porch; he purchased an animatronic man who lifts his own head off at the neck. It’s really hard to describe but totally cool.

-Back in the days when Hugh and I were first married; the aquatics facility that I worked for hosted a haunted house each Halloween as a scholarship fundraiser for the City’s different athletic programs. I was responsible for the design of the house as well as for purchasing the materials, props and costumes and over-seeing the two-day event. My staff, made up mostly of teenagers, provided its skill as “horror thespians” and, the kids were most talented. One year they were so successful in their mad Scare Skilz, they made a teenage girl pee her pants. That is the epitome of haunted house success right there.

-There is a pink frosted donut in the break room and it is calling my name. I’m going to answer that call and make that donut wish it had kept its hole shut. I ran a mile last night, I earned that donut.

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  1. I ONLY dreamt that I was running last night and I am sore this morning. I can't imagine how you are feeling!