Saturday, September 22, 2007

If Pictures of Kids' Birthday Parties Annoy You, Move Along

Day Two of Birthday Footballapalooza was a giant success. I can tell because, I am exhausted.

Pictures with a minimum of exposition will have to take the place of my usual witty repartee, see above; exhausted.

The cake. Fashioned to look like a football stadium filled to the brim with spectators; Bronco fans, according to the Man-Cub. Gah. Also, football shaped ice cream. Becasue I am insane, obviously.

Hugh preparing the field for the touch-football game. Say what you will about him but; how many dads do you know who will spray-paint their lawn for their child’s enjoyment? Without huffing the fumes.

The football hero sandwich. Just because I am so freaking proud of the fact that I baked a loaf of bread shaped like a football. And I don’t even like football.

Requisite photos of the actual football game, because it just wouldn't be a football party without a football game, donchaknow.

And, the throw-the-ball-through-the-hoop contest. First Prize, a poster of the Denver Broncos, thank god the Man-Cub lost that particular contest.

Presents! It’s.….a Bronco jersey and the Cub could not be happier (the irony, it burns! It burns!)

Blowing out the candles on the cake. It was the perfect ending to the perfect party. Of course, I was the perfect hostess as usual; never losing my patience or feeling the stress (it's a gift, really) as I enjoyed the company of ten adorable little boys.....

Wait a minute, how did that get in there?


  1. Um...I despise kids' birthday parties. I try so hard to hide it, eventually it's gonna slip out.

  2. That looks like an awesome party! We played a game of football in the front yard last night with all the neighborhood kids. It was a blast but I seriously need to get my husband to spray paint the lawn.

  3. Seriously, I say it time and time again, what a great mother. we're planning on having Shey's party at Jumpers, and they will do all the prep and clean up! And Ah, Santa Marguarita, how I love thee.