Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I’m Listening…Wait, What?

I met a very nice woman at the Man-Cub’s football practice yesterday. Her family is new to town and she hasn’t met very many people yet so; I’m thinking of inviting her and her son to join Jana, the kids and me when we start our annual fall activities. That way, we can corrupt her before the Mean Mom clique gets a hold of her.

Yes, we have a Mean Mom clique, doesn’t every small town?

Speaking of cliques; I have been a terrible member of my woman’s club lately. I have missed more meetings than I have attended and I’m feeling a bit guilty about it. Not guilty enough to volunteer for the annual highway clean-up project next weekend, but guilty enough to attend today’s meeting. Although, looking at the agenda; it appears the District Governor will be speaking so; maybe I would rather clean up trash along the highway, after all.

Nothing against the Governor (doesn't that word just cry out to be said in an English accent? 'allo govnah! No? Just me then?), it’s just that, lately, I have been restless and I seem to be having trouble sitting still and focusing on an activity for any length of time. Also, I have noticed that I’m not pulling my weight in conversations, tending instead to zone out and go shopping for lipstick in my head (did you know that orange is one of the season's hottest colors? What is up with that?). I probably have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Or, you know; I’m preoccupied with other thoughts. Either way, it’s annoying.

You know, to the people around me.

I’m not annoyed by it at all; plus, I’m certain that it will prove to be a temporary condition. And, if not; that’s ok, too. I have no problem embracing my inner ditz. She's purty, she would never wear orange lipstick. Why would anyone buy orange lipstick? I mean, does that color look good on anyone?

Wait, what was I saying?


  1. I've had several people tell me I look good in coral shirts. I wonder if I could pull off an orange lip. Cause, you know, I am all about the fashion.

  2. I have those times where I am in a conversation and zone off. Sometimes it happens to me more then others. I think it is lunar :)