Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Barbie Says Helloooo!

Greetings from Ouray Hot Springs pool!

Even though we managed to get sunburned through multiple layers of sunscreen, ate waaay too much ice cream at the old fashioned candy store and pushed our children to the limits of their self-control following a night of very little sleep, too much excitement (the Man-Cub’s team WON a game! By numerous runs! Runs too numerous to mention while retaining any semblance of humility or humbleness! We smoked another team! Holy cow!) and more sugar than you can shake a stick at; we are all having a great time!

Wish you were here.


  1. Your barbie sister does kinda resemble the real barbie--just prettier!

  2. I wish I were there, too! Especially when I read the part about more sugar than you can shake a stick at.