Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doing It For the Ladies

I finally saw Sex and the City last night. Jana and I left the kids in the capable hands of our husbands (who encouraged us to see the movie, you know, without them) and hit the grocery store to stock up on essentials for our Bag of Covert Movie Candy….BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, TANGENT ALERT….

Yes, movie theater owners; I know concessions are how you make your profits but, in case you haven’t heard, we are in a recession and I cannot, in good conscious, pay three times as much money for a box of Milk Duds in your theater than I would at the super market, so sorry….END of TANGENT

The movie was quite enjoyable even though it left me missing my Girlfriends, terribly. If you’ve not already seen the movie, you might want to turn away now as I am about to elaborate on the details that make the Carrie/Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte friendship believable and, well, awesome. So, if you haven’t seen it because, like me, you are always late to the party, but! are still planning to see it at some point in the future, you can consider yourself warned.

Awesome moment #1: When Charlotte has The Accident in her pants, finally giving Carrie something to laugh about. I mean really, if you are going to shit your pants in Mexico, you really do want to be with friends who won’t run screaming from the very sight of you. As an aside, this also applies when peeing in a corner of a Mexican hotel room while in a massively intoxicated sleep-walking state. Um, I’ve heard.

Awesome moment #2: When Samantha announces that all four girls are going to Mexico on Carrie’s honeymoon and Miranda objects because she has a job yet; in the very next scene, she is touching down in Mexico. Because, when it comes to a Girlfriend in pain, job-schmob; it’s what you do.

Awesome moment #3: In Mexico, when Samantha hand-feeds Carrie her breakfast yogurt because she is too despondent to do it herself and, she does it without even thinking because, when it comes to your girlfriends, you have their backs, whatever the situation. It's true; every woman in the theater nodded her head and went "Oh, yeah, been there, done that" (FYI, having a girlfriend's back includes holding her hair back while she pukes her guts out following an ill-advised rendezvous with a tequila bottle, picking up random articles of her clothing as she sheds them during a house party because OH MY GOD IS IT HOT IN HERE?! CLOTHING IS THE DEVIL!, cock-blocking inappropriate suitors when she is, shall we say, momentarily incapable of removing the Beer Goggles herself, telling her bedtime stories for as long as it takes for her to get past the bed spins so that she may fall asleep and screening her calls the day after an inapropriate suitor slips through the Beer Goggle Security System. Every one of you women reading this just went "oh, girl! Been there, done that! I see you nodding).

Awesome moment #4: After Carrie flees the church, beats the shit out of Big with her wedding bouquet in the middle of the street and turns to leave and Big tries to follow her to the limo; Charlotte holds out her hand and screams NO! And she like really means NO and it is readily apparent that, given the opportunity, meek little Charlotte would gladly kick Big’s ass even though we all know she hates confrontation; that Mama Bear instinct is a hallmark of a true Girlfriend.

Awesome moment #5: When Carrie walks through the snowy streets of New York City, looking for a cab so that she can make it across the city to Miranda’s apartment in time for Miranda to not be alone as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

Awesome moment #6: After Big and Carrie finally get married at City Hall and Big asks Carrie if she wouldn’t have rather had the girls there and Carrie admits that she would have and Big says that he thought so which is why he called them and there they are and oh my god, Big totally GETS it.

Awesome. Of course, as I said earlier, the movie did make me miss my girlfriends horribly. On the other hand, it reminded me how lucky I am to have those girlfriends in my life.

And, you know, to have my own Big who GETS it; as soon as I got home from the theater last night, Hugh asked me when I was planning to visit my Girls since he rather suspected that the movie would throw me into a melancholy funk, the likes of which can only be alleviated by some time with the ladies.

Whenever it does happen, it can’t be soon enough.

Speaking of ladies, Jen at Finland’s Finest asked me to update on the success of Operation Lady Bug Release and I am pleased to report that, as of this morning, we still have about a hundred or so bugs in the garden; I’m thinking that is a pretty good success rate.
And, apparently, even in the insect kingdom, girls stick together.


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  2. Want to comment on digression, because have not seen movie.

    I KNOW, RIGHT? I always think, "Okay, fine, so that's how you make your profits. That doesn't mean I'm OBLIGATED TO PROFIT YOU." Restaurants make a lot of their profit serving alcoholic drinks, but that doesn't mean I would have to buy a drink that's priced at 5 times the price of a drink in a bar. I guess the analogy is imperfect since I also wouldn't sneak a dacquiri into a restaurant---but still! If I wanted to bring a flask, I sure would!

    *pant pant*

    I always sneak it in, too, right past their sign about no outside food "for insurance reasons"---UH HUH.

  3. Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it

  4. I saw SATC a few weeks ago with my girlfriends, and it was wonderful to see it with them. Especially since the five of us watched the entire season on DVD together. It is such a girlfriend movie. :)

  5. This made me smile and nod throughout. I saw the movie with my girlfriends and it was fantastic!

  6. We got together a group of friends last night for an impromptu viewing and I liked it so much more than I thought I would. I'm ready to see it again!

  7. There must be something wrong with me. I saw the movie Tuesday night. I was so excited to see it and was disappointed. It wasn't awful...I just thought it would be better. Maybe my expectations were too high.

  8. Oh, I loved it too. Too much time spent on the new assistant, I thought; she was kind of a boring character. But otherwise awesome. And it made me so sad that my girlfriends, who are home for the summer from their respective colleges, will be gone again all too soon.