Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Rich One Quarter at a Time. I Wish.

The next time I mention that I am planning to hold a yard sale, please, for the love of God, stop me. I forget how hot my hatred for the stupid things burns and, each time, I enter into the endeavor with optimism and blind faith that this time, it will be different. Shame on me; yard sales are a hotbed of frustration and I should learn my lesson and move on.

Although, we did get rid of a bunch of crap and I did manage to rake in a little over three hundred dollars. Granted, it’s all in quarters but hey, three hundred bucks is three hundred bucks. Now, if I had gotten a quarter for each time I had to explain that, no, I wasn’t willing to lower the price on the almost-brand-new-insert-item-here that my daughter/son only wore once, and, by the way, fifty cents for said item is a steal you crazy, bargain-hunting bastards; I would have earned double that and then some.


Never again, mark my words.




  1. Oh, I feel the garage sale hatin'. Go have a Starbucks. Make it a venti. They take quarters :)

    And seriously, what is with people? They want to buy the world for a freakin' nickel.

  2. I once saw someone at a yard sale trying to sell a couch for $1100--they needed to be open to bargining. You did not!