Friday, June 06, 2008

It’s a Bad Day For Bob

Each week, we travel to the pet store to pick up the half-dozen or so crickets that will make up Tank’s diet for the week. For the first few weeks, the Man-Cub struggled to come up with names for each of the crickets and, I’m not sure it’s politically correct to say this but; crickets all look alike. Naming them was one thing, keeping track of who was who until they met their untimely demise was another matter, entirely.

Finally, the Cub settled on calling all the crickets Bob so, we now venture to the pet store each week to buy a new bag of Bobs for the tarantula to stalk, terrify and, ultimately; suck the life out of.

Which has led to an interesting phenomenon in my home; when one of us is having a bad day, another of us inevitably says “It could be worse, you could be Bob”.

Kind of puts things into perspective, don't you think?


  1. LOL--you are right it could be worse--you could be bob. I think it is funny the cub is calling all the crickets bob.

  2. That's pretty good. ha ha