Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over Too Soon

Barbie and my nephew leave for home today. We are sad to see them go; we’ve had such a good time during their visit. Also, it would appear that they are our good luck charm as far as baseball goes; we won last night’s game as well as Monday’s. Unfortunately, when we suggested that they stay through next week’s end-of-season tournament, they declined so, hopefully; their luck will rub off on us and we will win in their absence.

Our visit has been such a nice change of pace from the ordinary; we shopped, gossiped, watched the kids bond over water gun fights and Wii baseball and generally enjoyed a relaxing time. Out of the ordinary for my nephew was the trip to the local dairy to buy our household’s weekly supply of milk. The Man-Cub had been telling him all about the cow that makes chocolate milk and they were excited to see it. For the record, when we asked our friend who owns the dairy exactly which cow makes chocolate milk, he said the brown own, obviously.

Hopefully, Barbie will be able to make a return visit, soon. Her husband, who was on a business trip this time around, doesn’t know what he missed I mean, come on, a chocolate-milk-producing-cow. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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