Monday, June 23, 2008

Social Services Would NOT Approve

Friday morning, Hugh and I took a little trip to the gravel yard to pick out stone edging for the flowerbed that he has been promising me for; oh I don’t know, the past three years? That sounds about right. Anyway, we picked out a very nice stone and, on Saturday, Hugh set about creating my bed.

Having an uncanny knack for knowing when hard work will be required of her; The Girl conveniently arranged to be at Kaz’s house for the majority of the weekend so, it fell upon the Man-Cub to help his father with the herculean feat of not only unloading the pallet of bricks from the truck but in carting them across the yard for later placement.

Once the path of the bed was clearly marked; the boys took off for part unknown or, in this case, to the mulch dealer (I know but, what would you call him? The landscape materials supplier guy? Yeah, that flows off the tip of the tongue so much easier), where Hugh purchased a truck bed full of soft mulch which he and the Cub then proceeded to use to fill in the flowerbed as well as underneath the kids' trampoline.

The Cub was an amazing help throughout the day, never complaining which, when one considers the heat- ninety-eight in the shade-is no small feat. As a reward, we took him out to dinner and then let him stay up as late as he wanted which, after the heat, eight hours of hard manual labor and a stomach stuffed with not only an entire bean burrito plate but a trip to the salad bar; ended up being roughly nine o’clock which is about an hour earlier than his usual summer bedtime.

His exhaustion was worth it; my flower beds are lovely (I know, I know! Selfish much?). I planted seven rosebushes in a variety of colors including a bush called the Disneyland Rose which features blooms in two different colors, pink and orange, on the same plant, how does Mother Nature do it? Anyway, it’s awesome and we are thismuch closer to having an actual back yard; the sprinkler system is scheduled to start going in this weekend and we are hoping to have sod down by the weekend after the Fourth of July which, factoring in Hugh Time, means we should be walking on a velvety carpet of grass by this time in the year 2025.

Can’t wait!

Sunday evening, we joined Jana and company at their place for a belated birthday BBQ for Jana. Her husband, Chris, and I had been trying to surprise her with a family portrait session since before her actual birthday which was last week but, due to them having a schedule almost as wacky as ours, never quite got it done.

Last night, however, we got it done and then some. I think Jana was happy with the end results and we had a really great time doing it.

Also, BBQ, yum.

This week promises to be busy; the Man-Cub’s baseball tournament starts tonight and could go all week. Of course, since it is a single elimination tournament and our season record ended up at 6 wins, 10 losses; it could be over for us as early as tonight. Not that I’m hoping for that, mind you but, Hugh does still have a fishing trip to plan and execute and the summer is just hurling by I mean, the Fourth of July is next weekend, the summer is halfway over.

In equally depressing news; I am having a yard sale this weekend.

Kill me. Kill me, now.


  1. What a great son you have! A hard worker without complaining...

  2. Oh.No. Do NOT tell me the 4th of July is next week! Because as soon as that hits, summer is essentially over! I haven't gotten into my summer groove yet! Why does winter last forever and summer flashes by? Sigh...
    And send Cub on over; I have some yardwork that needs a'doin'. ;)