Friday, May 01, 2009

You Have No Idea How Badly Hugh Wanted to Imprint His Naked Butt Cheeks in This Cement

Alas, he was too late; the cement had already set by the time he got home from work today.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I kinda, sorta, wanted to leave my own impression in the driveway, oh, not my butt cheeks but, something; maybe my handprints, Grauman’s Chinese Theater Style.

Of course, I was also too late.

And, since we are in full disclosure mode, I will also tell you that the Man-Cub had no desire, whatsoever, to leave his mark in the pavement.

Not to worry though; I've no doubt that he will leave more than his fair share of marks throughout the years to come-in blood following the inevitable slew of skateboarding accidents certain to befall him.

The Teenager? She could not care less about all this driveway phooey and nonsense; she’s got a movie date with friends tonight and just wants to know who is going to finance said excursion, whom among us will pick her up after the movie and, why can't she have extra money for the super-size nachos and the trough-sized coke? All the other kids parents let them have it;'s not faaair.

We would hide her body in the cement but, as I've covered already; we are too late.

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  1. Boy she does sound like a teen! LOL

    I would have left a foot print in mine--people would have thought bigfoot visited me and there would be all kinds of publicity!! LOL