Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Changing the Subject

As much as I just looove to talk about my internal organs, I would much rather talk about the two products of said internal organs, you know, the ones what broke me in the first place, AKA: The Children.

Just kidding, they didn’t break me, I’m sure it was genetic. Thanks, Mom!

Once again, just kidding.

Anywaaay…another baseball game last night, another loss. But! There were some truly stellar plays in the outfield and we see improvement at every game. Our record now stands at 4 losses, one tie and; I didn’t even know you could end a game with a tie so, you learn something new every day (at last night’s game, we learned that bunting is not allowed in our league. That would have been really nice to know last year when the bunting was like epidemic).

Last night’s game marked my first foray into concession stand duty and…it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had envisioned. Oh, my duty-buddy and I neglected to start the crock-pot of cheeze (Now with improved cheese flavor!) so, there were no nachos or cheese-pretzels but, you know; no one seemed to notice or even to care. We did sell the hell out of bottled water as the temperature hovered in the low eighties.

That’s not a complaint, by the way; I am loving the warm weather. I’m wearing cute sandals and Capri pants. I’m enjoying time in my garden every afternoon, heck, I even throw the ball to the dog while I wait to change sprinkler positions during watering time. In a shocking turn of events, the dog brings the ball back to me. I’ve heard stories about dogs doing that and, I vaguely recall our late Trooper (God rest his soul) playing fetch but; this is an entirely new turn of events for the Rowdie dog.

I might eventually grow to like him….unless, of course, he storms the garden walls and eats all of my tomatoes. I can already see him plotting just such an endeavor and, if carried out; I might have to kill him.

Where was I? Oh, yes, waxing poetic about the warmer weather and the fact that summer is just around the corner, so, continuing on; school is out next Thursday which means no more early morning trips to the school drop-off lane (hallelujah, hallelujah!).

I am traveling south to meet my college roommates for a weekend at a cabin two weeks from tomorrow and Hugh promised to pressure-wash the porch and all the furniture on it this weekend so that Porch Night may commence ASAP. In addition, the boat is coming out of storage this weekend and Chris, Jana, Hugh and I have already started preliminary plans for a camping trip to Lake Powell.

I’ve stocked up on sunscreen. I’ve made a list of the summer clothing that the children have outgrown and that will have to be replaced and I’m 99% certain that the slip’n’slide is still in good working condition without rips, tears or holes so; we are pretty much set for summer.

All of which is a lot nicer to think about than dwelling on the state of my girlie bits, wouldn't you agree?


  1. On the subject of the slip-n-slide. Would you believe that when I lost the little stake things that hold the end of the slip-n-slide down as a child (and thus build up water pressure and make it *work*), my parents advised me to just stack bricks on the end of the thing to hold it down.

    BRICKS at the end of a slip-n-slide. Further proof that my parents wanted me dead. :)

  2. I hope porch night commences soon. That might be the best night of the week. I need to find a friend to start that tradition!