Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 1

Sure Signs That Summer is Just around the Corner

1. Each day that I open one of the children’s backpacks, a mountain of permission slips for upcoming field trips, awards assemblies, field day or some other end-of-year activity falls out, threatening to bury me alive.

2. The children are climbing the walls in anticipation of lazy summer days spent biking, swimming, running through the sprinklers and selling snow cones from their sidewalk stand. Their excitement is driving me bonkers and suffocation by permission slips is starting to look like the more pleasant alternative.

3. The petals have fallen from the tulips in my flowerbeds and the peony bushes are budding.

4. I discovered my first pest infestation in the garden yesterday-black sugar ants, less than one week after planting the garden; this does not bode well.

5. Our weekend calendar is rapidly filling with play dates, sleepovers, camping trips, boating excursions and visits to-and from-friends and family.

6. Hugh opened the attic recently and declared it full enough for yet another yard sale. Note to Hugh: Ain’t gonna happen.

7. When planting the garden last weekend, I tanned through three layers of sunscreen.

8. Flip-flops are becoming The Teenager’s primary footwear.

9. The Man-Cub’s entire school wardrobe is threadbare, torn at the knees, too short, and/or stained. Time for summer wardrobe shopping, obviously.

10. Yesterday, while I was playing catch with the dog, a gigantic wasp buzzed my ear. I screamed like a girl and made for the house, in case you were curious about my reaction.

11. The ice-cream truck made its first appearance on our street this past weekend. I ran as fast as I could but, did not catch up. Next time, Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man, next time.

12. My favorite liquor store started its annual wine sale and I am now sufficiently stocked up on Pinot Grigio (for sipping on the front porch well into the evening) and merlot (to accompany freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies on Movie Nights).

13. I tried on every stitch of my summer clothing and found that everything made me look fat, just like every other year but! I bought a new shade of OPI and my toenails look exceptionally slender.

Hellooo, summer!

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  1. Petals, flip flops, and the ice cream truck says it all .

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I've got another one for you. The back packs are too far gone to be mended.

  3. LOL! I love the list. Happy Summer and Happy Thursday!

    Thursday 13 - edition 7
    101 Things About Me

  4. I was playing outdoor soccer and heard the ice cream truck for the first time this summer, and that was just mean of the ice cream man to come by during a soccer game when I couldn't get something.

  5. 'I ran as fast as I could but, did not catch up. Next time, Mr. Ice Cream Truck Man, next time.' - LOL!

    Pinot Grigio - save a glass for me...