Friday, May 08, 2009

The Spirit Is Willing But the Flesh Is Weak

Some days, it is really hard for me to find the motivation to eat well and to exercise. Some days I just want to give in to whatever I happen to be craving at the time; to just let go and hit the Little Debbie snack cakes with wild abandon.

On those days, it is nice to have a dedicated and determined spirit to keep me in line and, luckily, my Spirit is an obnoxiously assertive little bitch; this month, for instance, I have logged more exercise hours and fewer calories than in any month since um, 2006 and my Spirit has been feeling pretty smug about it.

Unfortunately, my Flesh gave the Spirit the middle finger and gained a pound this week; Flesh is sick and tired of getting bossed around by Spirit.

The weight gain had an unexpected effect on Spirit; it pissed her off and, in retaliation, Spirit signed Flesh up for a boxing class at the rec. center right after Pilates this morning.

The class starts in two weeks and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; the course description reads like a script straight out of Rocky and Flesh is slightly concerned about this turn of events while Spirit is confident that this will be just the kick in the pants that Flesh needs to get with the motherf&$%*&g program.

Of course, Mind went all Dr. Spock on everyone and asked the logical question: Is Spirit throwing more at Flesh than Flesh can handle? And Heart just wonders why we can’t all just get along.

Put them all together and you would think that I would be one confused wanna-be skinny chick but, in actuality; I’m just really looking forward to hitting something.


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  1. haha That is hilarious! My spirit and flesh are non-willing right now!