Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 3:
Thirteen Little Things That Make Life More Pleasant

1. My iPod. I can’t imagine a day at work without it; sometimes, I leave the earbugs in without ever turning on the music just so people will leave me the hell alone so that I can get my work done.

2. My digital Canon Rebel.

3. My manual Canon Rebel.

4. The interchangeable long lens that I use on both Rebels, it takes awesome macro shots, close-ups like you would not believe and it captures action shots from a distance that I otherwise could not.

5. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. Best light summer wine money can buy.

6. My jetta tub. Great for relaxing tired muscles and for centering my thoughts on difficult days. I especially enjoy it when teamed up with numbers 1 and 5 on this list.

7. Good, strongly brewed coffee. I take mine light with a touch of sweetener and I rely on it to get my day off to a good start.

8. My friends and family but, that goes without saying.

9. Good literature. Currently I am re-reading John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. Next, I’ll read To Kill a Mockingbird for the fifth or sixth time and, if the good weather holds out, I’ll start on East of Eden sometime next week.

10. Trash television. You know, the shows you are embarrassed to admit that you watch but that you just can’t seem to tear yourself away from? Yeah, those shows. I think the appeal is in the fact that the characters make the rest of us look good by comparison.

11. My front porch. I can’t say it enough although; I imagine some people wish that I could.

12. My garden. Worrying over whether or not it is going to grow and produce causes me no end of anxiety but; working in it, feeling the soil in my hands, watching the tiny plants sprout, brings me profound pleasure. Must be the blood of my farmer ancestors flowing through my veins.

13. Cooking blogs. I may not try every recipe that I read about on the internet but I am fascinated by the people who blog about their skills in the kitchen and, the blogs that include good photos of the foods, and the steps that go into making them, are my ultimate favorite.

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  1. I could use that cup of coffee right now. Grin. Lots of good things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm all for the strong coffee and I'm with you on the trash tv too. It is so mindless that you can't help but get a sense of calm. ;)

  3. Thanks for visiting today. I agree...I couldn't live without my digital canon camera.

  4. Nice trick with the earbuds. Makes one wonder how many others out there doing that. :)
    ~Old Mason Jar

  5. I saw an ad for a new reality show starring MC Hammer that starts soon...cute kids!

  6. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Canon? Oh! Camera, not armament. LOL. *shaking head at self*

    I'm up too at