Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Let’s See How Much Crap We Can Cram Into the Next Two Weeks, Shall We?

School ends two weeks from tomorrow and we have just received the official list of activities planned for now until then; between the Teenager and the Man-Cub we have: 7 field trips, 2 awards assemblies, 4 in-school events, 1 classroom party and 1 final fundraiser for the activities budget.

In addition to the school activities, we still have baseball four nights a week (as of last night’s game our record is 0 wins, 3 losses. With the exception of the first game, the boys have played really well and have not been completely blown out, losing instead by four runs in each of the following games. We are proud. Hear us roar).

The Teenager has also been invited to a couple of birthday parties and the Man-Cub is hoping to attend a few Cub Scout related activities as well.

I get tired just typing this, much less attending everything. Fortunately for me, the Teenager is not at all interested in having me attend any of her field trips and the Man-Cub has been most understanding of the fact that I am planning on attending only one of his.

That particular trip is scheduled for tomorrow; we are taking the fourth graders to visit Box Canyon Falls, where we will ooh and aww over the waterfalls, visit the local historical museum and picnic in the park. I’m actually looking forward to the trip and, it beats the heck out of chaperoning today’s Walk-a-Thon or next week’s Waterfest activities.

Plus, the hike up the mountain to the top of the falls will be good exercise and maybe, just maybe, I can skip the dreaded 30 Day Shred for one day.

Ok, probably not; visions of Jillian taunting me not to be such a pussy will haunt my dreams if I do and; I'm apparently going to need my sleep for the next two weeks.

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  1. This Jillian sounds scary!

    Have fun on the hike, it sounds nice.