Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Miles to Go Before We Sleep

The Teenager stayed up all night last night. She and her girlfriends giggled and joked, snacked and gossiped. They occasionally settled down for a rest but, for the most part, they blazed through the night, wired on coca-cola, chocolate and the thrill of being together to watch the sun rise; not once did they get yelled at for their rambunctiousness.

In fact, Hugh and I, along with several hundred other people, praised their stamina and their dedication to a very important cause-the fight against cancer.

The Teenager and several of her friends participated in the annual Relay for Life fundraiser for Cancer Research. As a team, they spent the past couple of months raising money for the event, a car wash here, a yard sale there and, I’m very proud to say; their efforts netted over $1500.

At last night’s event, they raised additional money by being one of the most spirited teams on the track. (They were also the cutest team there but, that is neither here nor there and, I am bragging). The Teenager walked in memory of her cousin-my nephew-Mitchell and, she logged in just over twelve miles throughout the night.

By the time I picked her up this morning, she was exhausted, her feet were sore and her allergies were giving her fits but, she said that; if the money her team raised helps to save even one more life, it was well worth it.

As of last night, the world is twelve miles and almost $2,000 closer to that goal and, this mother has never been more proud of her daughter.


  1. Very impressive. You deserve to be proud!

  2. That's fantastic! I know of whole SCHOOLS that didn't succeed in raising that much money. You should be very proud.
    And also, I didn't know you had lost a nephew to cancer... I'm so sorry.