Monday, June 15, 2009

Why, Yes, I Am a Glutton for Punishment. Why Do You Ask?

The police department has adopted a new set of physical health standards, one of which says that even Reserve Officers must be able to run two miles in under fourteen minutes; the new regulations kick in the end of July which gives Hugh about six weeks to comply.

Guess who agreed to train with him?

I have no idea what I was thinking; I’m forty, which is waayy too old to take up a new physical fitness hobby (shut up, boxing doesn’t count) and, if I were to take up a new hobby, running would be the last thing I would choose, in fact; I think the only two reasons to run are a) you are being chased and b) first one to the kitchen gets the last donut yet.... here I am.

We start training tonight. I have wagered five bucks that I can run a steady half-mile before I keel over dead from a heart attack need to walk. Hugh thinks he can do a full mile.

On the one hand, we will be participating in an activity together and that can only be good for our marriage. On the other hand, if we both die, who will look after the children?

Perhaps we should rethink this, I mean really, think of the children!


  1. Oh, have fun, my friend. Tried the running thing. Wasn't pleasant. And I usually ran a twelve minute mile - ONE mile in twelve minutes.

  2. Holy crow, that is BOOKING it! I'm with Tamara, I was averaging 12 minute miles as well. One time, at my mom's house, I pulled a 10 minute mile, but it was mostly downhill. haha. And then ONE time in HIGH SCHOOL, I ran a mile in 8:35, but that was just that one time. Good luck with that!