Friday, June 12, 2009

What’s This? Could It Be.... the Sun?

Shh…we don’t want to scare it away, better we ignore it and go about our business, that way; it might get comfortable and settle in for a bit.

Fingers crossed.

Rain or shine, today is going to be a busy day. We are hosting one of the Man-Cub’s baseball teammates on an all-day play date culminating in their baseball game later this evening. I have to go into the store for a few hours and, The Teenager has graciously agreed to watch the boys in my absence. I’m pretty well stocked up on ice packs and Band-Aids so; I’m sure they will get along just fine.

When I finish at the store, I’m taking the boys to the local library for a class on twisting balloon animals and then to the grocery store because; I know how to par-tay.

The Teenager, meanwhile, will be joining her Relay for Life teammates at the big event this evening and, with any luck; I will finish with the boys’ game in time to get some photos of the girls during the pajama lap-one of The Teenager’s favorite activities at the event.

Tomorrow will be another busy day; there is housework to do and about a dozen chores to attend to in the yard. For not having seen the sun in two weeks; my garden is doing well. The ladybugs are still there, feasting on bad bugs and providing the Man-Cub with something to search for when he gets bored. He has also managed to locate our resident bullfrog again this year and has made fast friends with a stray dog that visits the yard on occasion; he is nothing if not friendly, that one.

If I finish all my chores tomorrow, I might head to Neighboring City for a Sam’s Club run; we are out of just about everything that I normally buy in bulk and, now is the time to replenish.

Of course, having made these plans, the sun will shine, the temperature will rise and it will be the nicest boating day of the summer.... and we’ll miss it (shakes fist at the heavens).

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  1. Seeing your photos makes me want a new camera even that much more!