Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 3:
Thirteen Things That I Am Tired of Hearing

1. Rumors about Jon & Kate. Give these poor people a break, already.

2. Anything at all about Spencer & Heidi, who? They are celebrities, why?

3. Ditto, Brangelina. Gag.

4. Stories about Brangelina vs. Jennifer Anniston (My money will always be on Anniston)

5. Stories about Joan Rivers. Go away, and please take your freak-show of a daughter with you.

6. Anything to do with Paris Hilton, see # 2 on this list, she is a celebrity, why?

7. News reports about Swine flu, excuse me, H1N1. The whole brouhaha over this reminds me of the brouhaha over West Nile. And the Bird Flu. Oh, and SARS. Apparently the world needs an epidemic on its mind like, constantly.

8. News reports about the economy.

9. Disney “news” about The Jonas Brothers.

10. That Diet Pepsi will eventually kill me, or; at least the sweetener used in it will. Hey, we all gotta die of something.

11. The sound of rain on the roof. It is supposed to be summer, get with the program, Mother Nature!

12. My children fighting over the Wii remote. They have been out of school for less than two weeks; another two months of this will kill me faster than the Diet Pepsi ever could.

13. One more person telling me that children “grow up so fast!” I know they grow up too fast; I simply wish they would grow up without all the goddamn arguing.

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  1. The media needs to get people to watch their shows for ratings...hence, epidemics and murders and bad news, oh my!

  2. Great list...I am so with you on the artificial sweetner thing. I have had people make comments to me...and I always like to reply that I'm a Type 1 either way...something will get me. ;)

  3. Amen on the Heidi and Spencer thing. Just looking at them makes me want to gag. Spencer is scary looking, like a doll or something.

  4. I can agree with you on at least 1-9 (and I reiterate your Q on #2 - who??). As for #11...I usually love rain. I probably wouldn't mind that we've had so much of it this spring were the temperature a bit warmer. 40-degree nights in June just isn't normal!

    Happy T13!

  5. You said that so well......I am tired of the media always making a big deal out of everything....let's strike fear into everyone....argghhh....happy thursday xooxox

  6. Amen sister! The whole arguing thing is getting on my nerves. My guy just got released today. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by this week.

  7. OMG ... I totally agree with you on all of them! Great TT.