Monday, July 20, 2009

Greetings from Camp Itchy-Scratchy

Our weekend trip to the lake was fun for the whole family, if you ignore the part where giant mosquitoes attempted to abscond with every ounce of our blood, that is.

Actually, that may be a slight exaggeration; it was the blood of Huh and the Man-Cub that they were mostly after, the Teenager, kaz and I got off with only a few nibbles compared to the mauling experienced by the boys.

Other than the pest population, the trip was a lot of fun. Hugh and the Cub went up on Friday night and slept on the boat as there were no campsites left in the recreational area (Chelle: Really, don’t you think you should call for a reservation before you head all the way up there? Hugh: Pshaw, there will be a spot).

The Cub loved sleeping on the boat, of course and, he enjoyed some one-on-one time with his father, the dog, a fishing pole and the night stars.

Speaking of fishing, I am proud to report that the Cub caught a monster of a fish.

Hugh caught a monster of a weed but, bless his heart, he tried.

Saturday morning, the girls and I met the men folk at the marina and we set off for a fun-filled day of boating, swimming (the girls; the Man-Cub was relegated to floating in the tube since he still can’t get his incision wet and; can you believe that just a week ago he was being sawed open like a holiday turkey? Me neither!), fishing and watching the girls fry in the summer sun despite the fact that I implored them to use one of the 20 bottles of sunscreen which I had so thoughtfully packed.

By the time we got home, we were exhausted, in a good way.

Today, the kids and I pack up the car for the trip to Mayberry. The Teenager has been packed and ready to go for at least a week now and, last night, the Cub threw an armful of clothing at me and declared himself ready to go.

I’m tempted to let his choices go unchallenged but, I do have some pride in the appearance of my offspring so; I should probably go and pack a decent suitcase for him.

Right after I finish my coffee, of course.

So, tomorrow, I will be blogging live from my father’s den; it beats trying to blog from a boat bobbing on the water, I assure you.

And, you know, it's home.

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